Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: October 2020

[Indistinct Chatter] Cabin Lights Off Myles O’Reilly In the sweaty, surreal dog days of this unprecedented global pandemic, a new trend cropped up that seemed almost laughably useless: International airlines began to offer “flights to nowhere,” for customers who missed the anesthetized atmosphere of an airplane cabin enough to pay for the experience alone. ThoughContinue reading “Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: October 2020”

Album Review for ‘Cabin Lights Off’ in The Sunday Business Post

Tony Clayton-Lea Cabin Lights Off (Self-Released) Notwithstanding his mostly forgotten days as a very fine songwriter, Myles O’Reilly is known for crafting short films that focus on the work of Irish musicians, but under the formal name of [Indistinct Chatter] he presents a persuasive and refined variant of ambient/electronic music. Throughout Cabin Lights Off, whichContinue reading “Album Review for ‘Cabin Lights Off’ in The Sunday Business Post”

‘Cabin Lights Off’ wins Album Of The Week: RTE Culture Magazine Under the moniker of [Indistinct Chatter], filmmaker Myles O’Reilly (AKA Arbutus Yarns) has released his sophomore collection of ambient music works, Cabin Lights Off – listen below. With melodic passages composed of organs and synths that drift in gusts of reverb and choirs that serve to add texture, Cabin Lights Off is by turns dramatic, haunting and whimsical. TheContinue reading “‘Cabin Lights Off’ wins Album Of The Week: RTE Culture Magazine”

Article from IMRO 14/10/20

‘Cabin Lights Off ‘A new Exploration by Dublin Based Musician, Filmmaker, and Director Myles O’Reilly ‘Cabin Lights Off’, the sophomore collection of ambient music works by filmmaker Myles O’Reilly under the moniker [Indistinct Chatter], is just like many of his films. Shot in various breath-taking spaces, where the plot never moves forward because nothing everContinue reading “Article from IMRO 14/10/20”

First review for the song “Swings” [Indistinct Chatter] is an ambient project out of Ireland who has caught our attention with a release entitled ”Swings”. With a simple title like that, one may have different expectations – swinging high, low or somewhere down the middle – but what we heard was no short of blissful. The song begins with aContinue reading “First review for the song “Swings””