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Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: October 2020

[Indistinct Chatter] Cabin Lights Off Myles O’Reilly In the sweaty, surreal dog days of this unprecedented global pandemic, a new trend cropped up that seemed almost laughably useless: International airlines began to offer “flights to nowhere,” for customers who missed the anesthetized atmosphere of an airplane cabin enough to pay for the experience alone. ThoughContinue reading “Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: October 2020”

Album Review for ‘Cabin Lights Off’ in The Sunday Business Post

Tony Clayton-Lea Cabin Lights Off (Self-Released) Notwithstanding his mostly forgotten days as a very fine songwriter, Myles O’Reilly is known for crafting short films that focus on the work of Irish musicians, but under the formal name of [Indistinct Chatter] he presents a persuasive and refined variant of ambient/electronic music. Throughout Cabin Lights Off, whichContinue reading “Album Review for ‘Cabin Lights Off’ in The Sunday Business Post”


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About Me

Myles O’Reilly is an award winning music documentary filmmaker and musician from Ireland. View Myles full roster of music films and documentaries at http://www.arbutusyarns.net

“My obsession with the minimal ambient genre first began when I started to create ambient drones in my music documentaries to lead the audience in and out of music performances. A drone might begin as a barely audible hum to preempt a song, and in the same key, trail out after each song ends, resonating behind landscapes and the natural audio in my footage. Once I began to compose even longer pieces to sit under the dialogue of interviews, I realised I was unintentionally creating a collection of ambient songs”

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