Myles O’Reilly

Cabin Lights Off

The critically acclaimed long haul flight themed album Cabin Lights Off, is an hour of ambient weightlessness sure to mesmerise and transport.

Tall as Houses

A collection of cinematic ambient soundscapes taken from various film projects directed by Myles O’Reilly aka [Indistinct Chatter]


988 is a remix of Goldberg Variations, BWV 988, a musical composition for harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach, slowed down x10… and then some.

Sri Lanka Dreaming

A four track ambient journey to four corners of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean comprised of sympathetic ambient moods set to field recordings.

“My obsession with the minimal ambient genre first began when I started to create ambient drones in my music documentaries for Arbutus Yarns to lead the audience in and out of music performances. A drone might begin as a barely audible hum to preempt a song, and in the same key, trail out after each song ends, resonating behind landscapes and the natural audio in my footage. Once I began to compose even longer pieces to sit under the dialogue of interviews, I realised I was unintentionally creating a collection of ambient songs.  
My first ambient record (Tall as Houses) was pretty much a selection of works taken from film projects of mine but ‘Cabin Lights Off’ was an album created without help from any visual accomplices. I started with my eyes closed, inspired by long haul flights (RIP). I miss that feeling of tearing through the air, hundreds of miles an hour, thousands of feet above ground, snug behind a few panes of plexiglass, looking out at a sun setting above the clouds, dipping behind this giant space rock, made all the more present with a long and windy drone in my ears. Doesn’t really matter how I travel, there’s no better soundtrack than minimal ambient for staring out a window into the middle distance, when my mind turns it’s focus to the imagination and doesn’t want to be distracted. Eyes and ears not focusing on anything in particular but allowing my mind to investigate inwards. Hearing not listening. Seeing not watching. Ultimately, feeling as though I’m flying through the air like that kid in Snowman, and not sitting in a giant gravity defying sardine can.“

Cabin lights Off, the sophomore collection of ambient music works by film maker Myles O’Reilly under the moniker [Indistinct Chatter], is just like many of his films. Shot in various breathtaking spaces, where the plot never moves forward because nothing ever goes wrong. It’s dramatic, haunting, whimsical, wind-swept, watery, willowy and all sorts of adjectives that suggest both geology and more cosmic concerns. Melodic passages are composed of organs and synths that drift in gusts of reverb. Choirs can be barely heard, used as much for texture as they are for melody. Beats, and there are few, are no more pronounced than the thud of a heart. The long-haul-flight themed ‘Cabin Lights Off’ is an immersive journey above the clouds sure to transport and mesmerize the listener without the use of any visual aid (or airplane), if met in the right acquiescent mood. [Warning: May cause altitude sickness]

Some quotes from various sounders:

“Beautiful sounds and dreamings.” – Iarla Ó Lionaird

“Beautifully crafted ambient music” – Conor O’Brien [Villagers]

“So much music feels like it’s trying to manipulate me or to boost the ego of the composer, and this is definitely not the case with Cabin Lights Off. It feels nourishing and nurturing” – Manchán Magan

“It is as if the composer patiently created a living organism in front of our very eyes (or should we say ears?) and let it live out it’s own course.” –




Here’s a Moog synthesizer. We are now lovers. Moog lad has reminded me that I love making music and all the romantic stuff it involves. The writing, recording, touring. Hearing so many other musicians. The craic and all the learning that lies within in the craic. Like a time machine though, Moogy dear here has also reminded me what it was like even before any of that, before this life had much more agency other than deciding to eat, sleep, wake, pretend to go to school, fake my homework, listen to music and and then learn how to play music every other available minute. 
Devolution in a time of crisis. 
Having the opportunity to feel this way is mighty, thank you Moog, I love you. I’ve been creating a bunch of soundtracky tunes. Some pretty far out. Some sad. Some extremely depressing. Just to lift the mood a bit. Recently even stretched a vocal chord ( )
Who knows now but I might even hide somewhere when this blows over to make an album, then package it and feel guilty and selfish about trying to sell my feelings to you. Never being able to write a biog in third person without feeling insincere. Suffering a rake of repeatitve solo gigs where it’s never gonna sound as pretty as my Covid19 record. Never sure if the in-house sound engineer isn’t gonna be a generally underpaid and frustrated person. Never being able to stick around after a gig because I gotta drive the gear home. Gettin paid by people half my age. On the road home negotiating the plastic food aisles of Junction 14 in search of the winning healty option but ordering a garlic cheesy chips out of protest. Constantly reminding myself that it’s good to feel a little bit nervous before a performance, whereas it’s not, I’m always lying to myself, it’s exhausting. Delegating responsibilities like album or poster artwork to other people and then my control freak kicks in and makes their world hell. Playing down that I’m a working musician while engaging in any wedding or funeral conversations so at no point do I have to explain to what level of success, for fear of being judged. Watching the audience who just made me feel great with all their enthusiasm, duck past the merch stand….. so on and so forth BUT Moogins here asks, should any of it put us off trying?? 
Anyway. Remains to be seen. At least I can make my own videos.